Flutter and Windows Subsystem for Linux – Code Utility


I have recently switched back from Ubuntu to Windows with Windows Subsystem for Linux using Ubuntu.
I want to get in touch with Flutter and would like to be able to use the bash for the Flutter-commands while developing on Windows.
Is that possible or should I just install everything for Windows?.


I tried multiple ways to use flutter with WSL as there is no official way provided.

Restrictions I faced:

  1. Couldn’t run the projects stored on WSL.
  2. Couldn’t use flutter commands on WSL when it was installed on windows.(Unlike some other tools)

I always prefer installing things on windows and running them on WSL. I just modified the commands a bit and now it works great. I added the following in my .bashrc :

alias winpro='cd /mnt/<DIRECTORY IN WINDOWS YOU WANT>'

flutter() {
    command CMD.exe /c flutter [email protected]

Now you can use winpro to shift to windows and flutter will work as usual in WSL.

(Detailed: https://www.yashlamba.com/blogs/1/)


Flutter – Windows

Android Studio + Emulators – Windows

Execute on bash:

cmd.exe /c flutter run

ImageTerminal of VS Code executing the command "cmd.exe /c flutter run"


You can create an alias like this in your .bashrc :

alias flutter='cmd.exe /c flutter'

then you should be able to use all your flutter commands directly from bash.


You can setup Flutter inside WSL and develop with VS Code Remote-WSL (on Windows) while having Dart Core extensions installed inside WSL