Flutter / Google Map not showing on iOS

Solution for Flutter / Google Map not showing on iOS
is Given Below:

I implemented Google Maps in my flutter application using
this package: https://pub.dev/packages/google_maps_flutter. It’s shown in an Android emulator but it’s not shown on an iOS Simulator and an actual iOS device(my iPhone).

enter image description here


  • It was working fine when using Flutter 1.22.6 and CocoaPods 1.9.3, but after updating to Flutter 2.2.3 and CocoaPods 1.10.1, it started to not appear.
  • I also enabled both Maps SDK for Android and Maps SDK for iOS in Google Cloud Platform for this project.
  • Setting io.flutter.embedded_views_preview to true in Info.plist

Thanks for the help.

Please check the API keys first, you may have to use a separate one for iOS.