Genetic Algorithm in Java using JGAP library

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I am trying to learn and implement a genetic algorithm that would find a list of free terms for a particular selected disease that the user could choose. Since I have never worked with a genetic algorithm I would love if someone could give me some guidance on how to get started with the implementation.

Some assumption is that the user would enter the type of disease (
for simplicity let it be integer – e.g. 0 is hyperthroidism) and the time period (date from and date to) for which he wants to retrieve free terms. And after these inputs are entered, my fitness function would be called, which would retrieve the list of reservations, and then by some logic (which I do not know at the moment), genetic algorithm would find the best examination dates in that time period for that illness. Am I going in right direction or not?

The reservation model would consist of: id, status(available/reserved/finished), reservationDate, reservationTimeFrom, reservationTimeTo, illnessId etc.

The illness model would consist of: id, name etc.

Should I implement my own class that extends fitness function and Override evaluate method? How to calculate chromosome size in this particular example?

Many thanks in advance