gollum-auth, for newbies

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I am a non-Ruby person looking for some basic help.

I am thinking gollum is an easy way to do a personal wiki, I love that it is backed by simple files, sitting in git. Following the simple instructions I have it working!

Very cool.

But I would like to put some security around it, so I could put it on the internet and keep uninvited people out. For this gollum-auth looks like the ticket. And, another question (How to configure Gollum-wiki to allow basic authentication and to use the username for the git commit answer by Björn Albers https://stackoverflow.com/users/2786269/bj%c3%b6rn-albers) looks like what I want, but I need some basic help understanding the answer:

  • What does “load it before gollum” mean?
  • Where do I put a config.ru?