Google cloud platform TLS 1.0 update?

Solution for Google cloud platform TLS 1.0 update?
is Given Below:

We had a 3rd party security company review our site and they came back saying we should update to TLS 1.2 but im not sure how to do so on GCP. They also said we should update our SSL ciphers to more than 112 bits not sure how to do that either. If someone knows how to fix these or has links on how that would be amazing

According to the information that you provided, you’re using Apache with Cloud Functions and Firestore, please correct me if I’m wrong.

From the Google side if you have a Google Cloud Load Balancer (GCLB) with Serverless NEGs (Cloud Run, GAE, or GCF custom domains) you can define a SSL security policy to restrict the TLS versions and cipher suites used. I suggest you that before you configure your TLS version to check the SSL policies overview.

Otherwhise if you have another set up, I suggest you to check the link that @John Hanley shared with you in the comments.