Have a cell static after 1st dynamic update

Solution for Have a cell static after 1st dynamic update
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I am using Google Sheet and fetching data from Google Finance. On checking for a condition 1st time, if it is true, I am filling a cell with “EXIT” and I want this to remain static after 1st fill.
However, since the google finance data is dynamic based on current data, this check condition keeps updating the filled cell with every change.
what I want is to fill this cell for just the first change and then make it static.
How to achieve this?

This is not possible with traditional Google Sheets formulas and functions. You will need to learn about google sheets “appscript”. Which is a javascript-like coding language that you can use in the back-end of Google Sheets (Tools>Script Editor) to plan and program more complex sheets activities.

If you’re not familiar with appScript, you should read about what it is before asking more about how to do this so that you can frame and ask your question appropriately.

Here’s a decent primer for learning more about Google AppScript.