How can I display a tooltip message on hover using jQuery?

As the title states, how can I display a tooltip message on hover using jQuery?

I suggest qTip.

Tooltip plugin might be too heavyweight for what you need. Simply set the ‘title’ attribute with the text you desire to show in your tooltip.

$("#yourElement").attr('title', 'This is the hover-over text');

Following will work like a charm (assuming you have div/span/table/tr/td/etc with "id"="myId")

    $("#myId").hover(function() {
        $(this).css('cursor','pointer').attr('title', 'This is a hover text.');
    }, function() {

As a complimentary, .css('cursor','pointer') will change the mouse pointer on hover.

take a look at the jQuery Tooltip plugin. You can pass in an options object for different options.

There are also other alternative tooltip plugins available, of which a few are

Take look at the demos and documentation and please update your question if you have specific questions about how to use them in your code.

You can use bootstrap tooltip. Do not forget to initialize it.

<span class="tooltip-r" data-toggle="tooltip" data-placement="left" title="Explanation">
inside span

Will be shown text Explanation on the left side.

and run it with js:


As recommended qTip and other projects are quite old I recommend using qTip2 as it is most up-to-date.

Take a look at ToolTipster

  • easy to use
  • flexible
  • pretty lightweight, compared to some other tooltip plugins (39kB)
  • looks better, without additional styling
  • has a good set of predefined themes

You can do it using just css without using any jQiuery.

<a class="tooltips">
    Hover Me
    <span>My Tooltip Text</span>
    a.tooltips {
        position: relative;
        display: inline;

        a.tooltips span {
            position: absolute;
            width: 200px;
            color: #FFFFFF;
            background: #000000;
            height: 30px;
            line-height: 30px;
            text-align: center;
            visibility: hidden;
            border-radius: 6px;

            a.tooltips span:after {
                content: '';
                position: absolute;
                top: 100%;
                left: 35%;
                margin-left: -8px;
                width: 0;
                height: 0;
                border-top: 8px solid #000000;
                border-right: 8px solid transparent;
                border-left: 8px solid transparent;

    a:hover.tooltips span {
        visibility: visible;
        opacity: 0.8;
        bottom: 30px;
        left: 50%;
        margin-left: -76px;
        z-index: 999;

For Latest/Up to date solution you may try Tippy.js it’s the complete tooltip, popover, dropdown, and menu solution for the web, powered by Popper.


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