How can I set up RDP ActiveX control to mimic ‘/admin’

Solution for How can I set up RDP ActiveX control to mimic ‘/admin’
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I need to connect to the console session with the RDP ActiveX client in c#, like I would using mstsc /admin. However, I could not find such a setting in the wealth of interfaces implemented by the control. Is there such a property, or how is it done by mstsc?

In this article is stated:

This switch ignores the load balancing that might be in place. If
users connect to a Silo (a collection of RDSH servers with a
Connection Broker in place), they will get redirected to a RDSH server
that is the most appropriate. The RD Connection Broker orchestrates
this. The problem starts when you as an admin want to connect to a
specific server, you still will be redirected to the best suitable
server in the silo to handle the next logon (probably the least busy
server). But you probably have very good reasons to go to a specific
server. This can be very annoying and might even result in problems if
you don’t check the server name. But if you use mstsc /admin, it will
ignore all the loadbalancing stuff and get you to that server you want
to administer.

However, there is this article, where I see some interesting properties:

One of the biggest impacts will be for administrators who connect to
their servers using /console to perform application installations or
maintenance. This functionality will still be available, however you
will just need to use the /admin switch. There are also implications
for developers who use the ConnectToServerConsole property of the
IMsRdpClientAdvancedSettings interface. There is a different
interface and property that they will need to use – namely the
ConnectToAdministerServer property of the
IMsRdpClientAdvancedSettings6 interface.

The two articles seem to contradict. However, this seems to be what I was looking for (nice catch, Bing!).