How can I target this iframe CSS?

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Thank you in advance.

I need help changing the CSS of this iframe.

They use inline !important so now on my CSS I cannot change it, so I need to use JavaScript, but all I can find is to use the “document.getElementsById” – however, the ID for this iframe is randomly generated on each page load making it impossible to target the ID of this element.

Can I target by the title as the title “Chat Widget” is the only thing that stays consistent on this iframe.


syntax :<iframe src="URL"></iframe>
There are several techniques to apply CSS property to an iframe
<iframe src=”” style=”border: 2px dotted; width: 200px; height: 300px;”> </iframe>

You can use the internal CSS for the iframe tag inside the HTML file.
and You can use external CSS for the iframe, which is making use of an external CSS file. Create a different file for the CSS code and include it in the HTML file using the link and href tag before the iframe tag.