How I can get lat and long of marker then store in firestore – flutter

Solution for How I can get lat and long of marker then store in firestore – flutter
is Given Below:

I want to get the latitude and longitude of the marker in this code for store this location in firebase

body: GoogleMap(
       zoomControlsEnabled: false,
       initialCameraPosition: CameraPosition(target: latLng ,zoom: 14.34),
       markers: markers,
    //  onTap: _handleTap,
       onMapCreated: (GoogleMapController controller) {
       onCameraMove: (point){
         setState(() {
           markers.add(Marker(markerId: markerId,position:

After get lat and long of new position of marker I want store new position in firestore

This my code

Completer<GoogleMapController> _controller = Completer();
 final markers = Set<Marker>();
 MarkerId markerId = MarkerId('parking');
 LatLng latLng = LatLng(32.5259483,35.8506622);

TextButton(onPressed: (){
       'location' : GeoPoint(latLng.latitude,latLng.longitude),
                        Navigator.pushReplacement(context, MaterialPageRoute(builder: (context)=> LoginWoner()));

my packages

 cloud_firestore: ^2.4.0
 location: ^4.2.0
 firebase_core :

But When I run this code it stores the first coordinates I put in code
It does not store the new coordinates of the marker after moving them and pressing the save button

You just need to update the latLng variable to the new LatLng value in the onCameraMove callback.

Add this line latLng = and your onCameraMove will be:

onCameraMove: (point){
  setState(() {
    markers.add(Marker(markerId: markerId,position:
    latLng =;