How might we best set up our JIRA boards?

Solution for How might we best set up our JIRA boards?
is Given Below:

I am working with our department’s two teams to help move them onto JIRA.

Each team works in a completely separate domain. Let’s say Team A works on Fruits while Team B works on Animals.

My boss envisioned creating one single project for our department.

Would it be efficient to create a new board for every endeavor Team A and Team B works on?

So if Team A works on projects for Apples, Oranges, and Limes while Team B works on projects for Birds, Cows, and Fish, we would have six boards.

Each developer under each team would get filters to help them see the tasks they are assigned to. So if Adam is on Team A, he might get a filter to see the tasks he has on Apples, Oranges, and Limes, but he will never see the stuff on Birds, Cows, and Fish because he never has to work on that.

Brenda on Team B gets filters which show her a board of her own with tasks on the Birds, Cows, and Fish projects she is responsible for completing.

Adam can see all of the Fruit related boards while Brenda sees and can access the Animal boards.

Up to this point, have I made a logical framework for how to lay out our instance?

Going further, what should I do in order to properly orchestrate this? Will I need to make a new workflow for each board? Is it project dependent? Should I keep it uniform for each team and adjust the columns as needed based upon the project?

Any other experiences or anecdotal recommendations welcome.