How to order month abbreviation and year in SQL, format : MMMYYYY

Solution for How to order month abbreviation and year in SQL, format : MMMYYYY
is Given Below:

I use the XML pivot to transpose the month columns as header and want to order it from the oldest month to current one, does anyone know how to do it?

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Here is the code:

        @query AS NVARCHAR(MAX)

SELECT @cols  = STUFF((SELECT DISTINCT ','+ QUOTENAME(period_month) FROM  updated_order_raw_data
         FOR XML Path(''), TYPE).value('.','NVARCHAR(MAX)'),1,1,'')

-- the purpose of temp-table is for summarize the total
CREATE TABLE #temp_table (
        order_id varchar(max),
        total_amount numeric
INSERT INTO #temp_table

SELECT order_id, SUM(amount) as total_amount FROM updated_order_raw_data GROUP BY order_id

SET @query = 'SELECT * from 
                SELECT a.order_id, report_name, period_month, amount, b.total_amount as difference
                FROM updated_order_raw_data a
                LEFT JOIN #temp_table b
                on a.order_id = b.order_id
                ) Src
                FOR period_month IN  (' + @cols + ')
            ) Piv 
            WHERE difference <> 0
            ORDER BY order_id, report_name '

-- Drop temp-table
DROP TABLE #temp_table

Thanks Tashil Moorateeah,

I added order by here and it is workable.

SELECT @cols  = STUFF((SELECT DISTINCT ','+ QUOTENAME(period_month) AS [period_month] FROM  updated_order_raw_data ORDER BY [period_month] 
         FOR XML Path(''), TYPE).value('.','NVARCHAR(MAX)'),1,1,'')