How to put unicode characters on a System.Windows.Forms.Button in C#?

In Visual Studio 2008 in a C# WinForms project, there is a button on a form. In the properties view, the property “Font” is set to “Arial Unicode MS”.

What do I need to put into the property “Text”, so I get the unicode character u0D15 displayed on the button?

When I put u0D15 into the “Text” property, the button displays the six characters “u0D15” instead of one unicode character.

In the following PDF, you can see the unicode character for u0D15:

You don’t have to escape your unicode characters in strings as C# is inherently unicode. Just put your unicode characters as they are into the string. For example:

button1.Text = "日本";

One possible way is to run “charmap” and copypaste from there or copypaste it from elsewhere.

Just try the following in you C# code:

button.Text = "0x0D15";

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