How to view Azure Web App as an option in Debug Configurations in Eclipse

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I added the Azure Toolkit for Java in eclipse. Using that toolkit, I was able to publish a spring boot java web app in the azure app service. I am however not able to see Azure WebApp in the debug configuration as an option in the eclipse. Not sure if I am missing anything in the setup.

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Remote debugging for Java Web Apps on Azure in Eclipse is no longer available.
You can still use the following methods to debug:

  • Debug locally.
  • Use log stream and few other methods.

In Eclipse, right click on a Web App project and select Debug As, then click on Azure Web App, and the debug configurations wizard will walk you through the process.
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Then, accept the default values set by the Toolkit and click on Debug.
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Afterwards, your IDE will go ahead and enable remote debugging on Azure and launch a command prompt or shell that will prepare necessary remote connection for debugging.
Then, insert a break point in a JSP or servlet in the Web App, open the Java Web App URL in a browser, and the IDE will now enter into debug mode.

Start stepping through code and inspecting variables.
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You can refer this link for re-installation of azure toolkit for eclipse.