Installing an older version of Storybook

Solution for Installing an older version of Storybook
is Given Below:

I am having an issue with Storybook 6.3 since it uses Webpack 5 and I am installing it on a clean create-react-app which uses Webpack 4.41.8.

I tried to update react webpack and all and still no luck. The problem started after I tried to add sass support for my storybook project, and went into dependency hell.

I just want to install an older version of Storybook like 5.3, how do I do that? Since Storybook uses npx sb init?

So in the end I found this to be the answer to all my problems (having latest Storybook and working sass support) that has been using the standard webpack-loaders as shown in the official Storybook docs, do not forget to import them and the entry .scss file in the root/.storybook/preview.js file e.g. import “!style-loader!css-loader!sass-loader!../stories/assets/main.scss”