Is it possible for an exchange operating based on cryptocurrency deposits to spoof returns in a Metatrader signal subscription?

I’ve been digging around MetaTrader 4, but I thought I noticed something where they were displaying signals with returns indicated by a chart. I saw this yesterday, but I had to wonder how they evaluated the level of equity or growth, was this actual deposits? Because if it were actual deposits, then it’s my assumption that the organization that held them would not be affiliated with MetaQuotes.

It was that thought that led me to the possibility that an exchange rate like Ethereum v. Bitcoin could be manipulated via software mechanisms built into the broker’s software. I had seen a few signals that had displayed remarkably smooth exponential growth, and I’m not saying that there aren’t people that know economics and market dynamics so well and fluidly that they could prognosticate so accurately with only a computer program. I’m just trying to reason through the process of how market capital changes hands through the clearing house, because there was independent reporting of the value, but it looked like there could be financial short circuits that could manipulate that value in favor of a market maker.

That said, I was going to ask an entirely different question. If the provider of a signal, then, is affiliated with an exchange or market maker, could they manufacture the returns data provided by Metaquotes based on market manipulation? Would it even be profitable to do that?

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