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How do i prevent from printscreen of my webpage?

I want to prevent users from taking screen shots of a web-page. What should be the code I have to place in that .html file?

What should be the code to prevent button press like print screen?
Because many website prevents users from pressing any keys.


Screenshots are not controlled by the web browser, they are controlled by software running on the user’s operating system and cannot be remotely controlled by a web server.


It is possible. Try this css feature.

html {
    display: none;  /* hide whole page - the only true way to prevent screenshots */


Nelson’s right. There’s a lot you can do to make it harder (javascript to capture the prtsc key press and return false, flicker different quadrants of the screen at intervals so that it’s too fast for human eyes to really tell but so that the whole screen never shows at once, etc) but fundamentally anyone who’s even vaguely tech-savy can bypass this in about 5 seconds. Also, a google search should have answered this for you in way less time than it took to ask.


You cannot block the print screen button or the snipping tool in Windows 7 or the Grab application included with Mac OS or…