Lag in spring boot kafka consumer? how to fix?

Solution for Lag in spring boot kafka consumer? how to fix?
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I work with the spring boot service consumes messages from kafka. It often happens service remains in working state, but messages from the topic are not consuming and the lag is increasing in this consumer-group for this topic, why it happening? Why there is no consumer`s reconnection? Is it possible to configure it?

update : 03-08-2021.

{“@timestamp”:”2021-07-31T02:59:12.086+00:00″,”@version”:”1″,”message”:”[Consumer clientId=consumer-2, groupId=common] Join group failed with org.apache.kafka.common.errors.MemberIdRequiredException: The group member needs to have a valid member id before actually entering a consumer group”,”logger_name”:”org.apache.kafka.clients.consumer.internals.AbstractCoordinator”,”thread_name”:”KafkaConsumerDestination{consumerDestinationName=””, partitions=1, dlqName=”null”}.container-0-C-1″,”level”:”INFO”,”level_value”:20000,”app-name”:”unknown”,”app-version”:”unknown”}