List/Search for all pictures on User’s OneDrive

Solution for List/Search for all pictures on User’s OneDrive
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I was tasked with an app to read and display all pictures on a User’s OneDrive.

The app is supposed to support search and order by, also having a scrollviewer with all pictures found (much like the OneDrive website does today with user’s pictures).

I have searched high and low and I’m still not sure how to implement this.
I know I can get the root drive and after paginating through all the driveitems on it, download only the “pictures” ones.
This seems counter-productive, as anytime I run the app I would need to do it again?

I was trying to find an API that could provide me all pictures since a certain date, so I could always keep an up to date list of available pictures.

Is there anything like this or do I need to resort to the brute force method of listing everything in a drive?
And if I do, I’m not sure how to get the new last pictures since 3 days ago, for instance.

Thank you for any help,