Loading KEXT without rebooting on Big Sur

Solution for Loading KEXT without rebooting on Big Sur
is Given Below:

According to Apple it is necessary to reboot macOS when loading (or updating the KEXT). I have already disabled SIP. However, it is still cumbersome to do a reboot, especially for development. I know that KEXTs are deprecated and that the KEXT cache has to be rebuilt. However, is there some (undocumented) possibility to load/update the KEXT without having to reboot?

I did some research and tried some boot-args options without success.

No, from Big Sur onwards, all loadable kexts are linked into a single pre-linked kernel image, and it’s not possible to mark kernel pages as executable after a certain stage has been reached during boot.

Attempting to load a kext which is not in that image adds it to the list to be included in the prelinked image. The reboot then causes the new pre-linked kernel to be loaded.

Yes, it’s annoying, but no, there’s no workaround, other than using 10.15/Catalina for debugging/testing when you’re not specifically dealing with 11.0/Big Sur issues.