Loop through files on Mac VBA – change of existing code

Solution for Loop through files on Mac VBA – change of existing code
is Given Below:

I found this thread on here – How to loop through files in a folder Excel Mac 2016 – and it does mostly what I need it to do.

I’ve tried editing it myself, but no luck. I need three columns in my sheet – directory, filename and file extension. So I need to remove the date/time and size part of the code and replace it. I’d also like it to start putting in the entries into row B instead of wiping what is in row A. Any help is appreciated. 🙂

Option Explicit

Sub GetFileNames()

'Modified from http://www.rondebruin.nl/mac/mac013.htm

Dim folderPath As String 
Dim FileNameFilter As String
Dim ScriptToRun As String
Dim MyFiles As String
Dim Extensions As String
Dim Level As String
Dim MySplit As Variant
Dim FileInMyFiles As Long
Dim Fstr As String
Dim LastSep As String

'mac excel 2016

'Get the directory
On Error Resume Next 'MJN
folderPath = MacScript("choose folder as string") 'MJN
If folderPath = "" Then Exit Sub 'MJN
On Error GoTo 0 'MJN

'Set up default parameters to get one level of Folders
'All files

Level = "1"
Extensions = ".*"

'Set up filter for all file types
FileNameFilter = "'.*/[^~][^/]*\." & Extensions & "$' "  'No Filter

'Set up the folder path to allow to work in script
folderPath = MacScript("tell text 1 thru -2 of " & Chr(34) & folderPath & _
                           Chr(34) & " to return quoted form of it's POSIX Path")
folderPath = Replace(folderPath, "'''", "'\''")

'Run the script
        ScriptToRun = ScriptToRun & "do shell script """ & "find -E " & _
                      folderPath & " -iregex " & FileNameFilter & "-maxdepth " & _
                      Level & """ "

'Set the String MyFiles to the result of the script for processing
On Error Resume Next
MyFiles = MacScript(ScriptToRun)
On Error GoTo 0

'Clear the fist four columns of the current 1st sheet on the workbook

'Split MyFiles and loop through all the files
    MySplit = Split(MyFiles, Chr(13))
        For FileInMyFiles = LBound(MySplit) To UBound(MySplit)
            On Error Resume Next
            Fstr = MySplit(FileInMyFiles)
            LastSep = InStrRev(Fstr, Application.PathSeparator, , 1)
            Sheets(1).Cells(FileInMyFiles + 1, 1).Value = Left(Fstr, LastSep - 1)    'Column A - Directory
            Sheets(1).Cells(FileInMyFiles + 1, 2).Value = Mid(Fstr, LastSep + 1, Len(Fstr) - LastSep)    'Column B - file name
            Sheets(1).Cells(FileInMyFiles + 1, 3).Value = FileDateTime(MySplit(FileInMyFiles))    'Column C - Date
            Sheets(1).Cells(FileInMyFiles + 1, 4).Value = FileLen(MySplit(FileInMyFiles))    'Column D - size
            On Error GoTo 0
        Next FileInMyFiles

'Fit the contents

End Sub