Missing GA4 event parameters

Solution for Missing GA4 event parameters
is Given Below:

I have recently started to use Google Analytics 4 for event tracking, using Google Tag Manager to send events to Analytics. I have set up the custom variables in Tag Manager as well as in GA4.

Everything seems to work very well in Tag Manager’s debug mode, and also if I look up the events in real-time view I get the requested event along with all the parameters I have set in Tag Manager. However, once I look up the events for the last couple of days in the Engagement -> Event view, a couple of my parameters are missing, and also I’m not getting the same hit count for each parameter, even though each event has all parameters set:

Missing Event Parameters

As you can see, 86 events have been recorded, but the event count for the parameters widely varies.

Here’s a screenshot of my Tag manager settings:
Current Tag Manager Settings

I have tried to set up a new event with the same parameters, but (logically) I got the same result. I am under the strong impression I’m missing something obvious here. Does anyone have experience with this, or has anyone come across this same issue?