New folder created in vscode not committing?

Solution for New folder created in vscode not committing?
is Given Below:

I cloned my git repository to vscode. It was blank at the time.

I created multiple files and I committed them with the terminal code git push origin main. No problem there.

But I later put the JS file, the HTML file and the CSS file into folders.

Now, when I check git status, as normal it shows me the items to commit. But when I run the commit command it says “everything is up to date”… when it obviously isnt.

Any idea?

See image:

Image of my vscode

You need to commit your files before you can push them.


git commit -m "your commit message here"

Then you can use:

git push

No Commit
You forgot to commit your changes. So even if you try to push, you haven’t got anything to push, that’s why it says everything is up to date.