opml viewer

An OPML viewer is an online tool that helps in Viewing, editing, converting OPML to json, exporing to CSV, beautifying and minifying OPML.

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How to use OPML viewer?

  • Input your OPML string in the input row
  • You can also load the URL or browse the OPML string
  • Click tree view to have a tree view on the syntax
  • Have the option to modify and minify the string also
  • Can convert OPML to JSON as well
  • Download the output if you want

What is OPML?

OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) is an XML design for plots (characterized as “a tree, where every hub contains a bunch of named ascribes with string esteems”). So, Initially created by UserLand as a local record design for the outliner application in its Radio UserLand item, it has since been received for different utilizations, the most widely recognized being to trade arrangements of web takes care of between web feed aggregators.

The OPML determination characterizes a layout as a progressive, requested rundown of subjective components. The detail is genuinely open which makes it reasonable for some kinds of rundown information.

So, Backing for bringing in and trading RSS channel records in OPML design is accessible in Mozilla Thunderbird, and numerous other RSS peruser sites and applications.

The XML elements in an OPML document are:

<opml version=”1.0″>
So, This is the root element. It must contain the version attribute and one head and one body element.
Contains metadata. So, May include any of these optional elements: title, dateCreated, dateModified, ownerName, owner email, expansion state, vertScrollState, window top, window left, window bottom, window right. Each element is a simple text element. So, The expansion state contains a comma-separated list of line numbers that should be expand on display. The windowXXX elements define the position and size of the display window.
Contains the content of the outline. So, Having 1 outline element is compulsory.
Represents a line in the outline. So, may contain any number of arbitrary attributes. Common attributes include text and type. So, The outline element may contain any number of outline sub-elements.

opml viewer

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