Pine script – close order before end of candle?

Solution for Pine script – close order before end of candle?
is Given Below:

My stop loss seems to only be executed at the close of the candle. Since it’s based on Low/High, it would be sound to be executed as soon as the high/low appears. Is there a possibility to do this?

    // Determine stop loss price
    slowLC = lowest(10)
    slowSC = lowest(10)
    longStopPrice2  = slowLC[1]
    shortStopPrice2 = slowSC[1]

    //exit long
    if (strategy.position_size > 0) //and not (notcapitulation and momentumL and choppyL)
        strategy.exit(id="StopLimit", stop=longStopPrice2, comment="CLOSE", alert_message="STOP")//CloseComment  CloseCommentAlert
        strategyClose := true
    //exit short
    if (strategy.position_size < 0) 
        strategy.exit(id="StopLimit", stop=shortStopPrice2, comment="CLOSE", alert_message="STOP")
        strategyClose := true

I of course don’t want to use future data so the backtesting remains sound.

Currently when I check the backtesting orders, even the STOP orders are executed exactly at 4h close times.