PlacePicker Google Location

Solution for PlacePicker Google Location
is Given Below:

I am trying to use PlacePicker, so I can use the location from the dropped pin on the map. However, my placepicker does not allows to use the pinned location, but I need to search on search bar. If I zoom or locate the map, searching appears little bit, but mainly it does not allow me to chose the location for the pin. Any help?

                            apiKey: "-------------------",
                            initialPosition: LatLng(widget.currentUser.posXuser,
                            useCurrentLocation: true,
                            selectInitialPosition: true,
                            usePlaceDetailSearch: true,
                            onPlacePicked: (result) {
                              selectedPlace = result;
                              setState(() {
                                eventPlace = selectedPlace.formattedAddress;
                                posX =;
                                posY = selectedPlace.geometry.location.lng;

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