Plotting 3-D with python

Solution for Plotting 3-D with python
is Given Below:

I’m trying to plot my data to create a 3D figure using below python codes. When I run the program I only get an empty box without any figure (plot). Can anyone help where did I go wrong with the coding?
I have also difficulties to convert Excel files (xlsx) to csv which are needed by python to create figures of the data. I tried below but didn’t work:

  1. opened the file in Excel and saved it in csv (changed the file extension to csv but the data is not separated by commas.
  2. opened xslx in notepad –> save as –> selected All Files and saved as csv. The extension changed to csv, again no commas instead the data remained in cells as original xslx file.

I would appreciate some advice on both issues.

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt'seaborn-white')

#********************** Entering the data automatically **********************
#File name
data_raw = pd.read_csv(filename)

#Split and organize the data
#Relaxation Time T2
T2 = pd.DataFrame(data_raw, columns=['T2'])
T2 = np.array(T2,dtype=float)

#Relaxation Time T1
T1 = pd.DataFrame(data_raw, columns=['T1'])
T1 = np.array(T1,dtype=float)

#Brine Before CO2
Increm_Poro_Dead_Brine = pd.DataFrame(data_raw, columns=['Increm_Poro_Dead_Brine'])
Increm_Poro_Dead_Brine = np.array(Increm_Poro_Dead_Brine,dtype=float)

#************************** PLOT FOR DEAD BRINE *************************

fig1 = plt.figure(num=1,dpi=120)

N1 = int(len(Increm_Poro_Dead_Brine)**.5)
z1 = Increm_Poro_Dead_Brine.reshape(N1, N1)

at1 = plt.imshow(z1, interpolation = 'bilinear', extent=(-2, 4, -2, 4), origin="lower", aspect 
= 1, cmap='hsv')

plt.xlabel('Relaxation Time $T_2$ (ms)', weight="bold")
plt.ylabel('Relaxation Time $T_1$ (ms)', weight="bold")
ax1 = plt.gca()
lbx1 = ax1.get_xticklabels()
lby1 = ax1.get_yticklabels()
for i in range(len(lbx1)):
    lbx1[i]._text = r'$10^{' + lbx1[i]._text + '}$'
for i in range(len(lby1)):
    lby1[i]._text = r'$10^{' + lby1[i]._text + '}$'

cbar1 = plt.colorbar(at1)#, shrink=0.67)
cbar1.set_label ('Incremental Porosity (fraction)', weight="bold", rotation=270, labelpad=12)
fig1.savefig('Fig01_T1T2_DEAD_BRINE(AUBY).jpg', format="jpeg", dpi=600, bbox_inches="tight")