plotting multiple stacked bar chart

Solution for plotting multiple stacked bar chart
is Given Below:

I have the following dataframe that counts the number of managers and non managers per sex in each Business Unit (it is a multiindex that sums the value of Male and Female that are manager or not in each Business Unit). It may happen, as you can see, that a Business Unit has only Non Manager or Manager as employees:

                                       Female  Male
Business Unit Professional Category              
South         Non Manager                37    45
West          Non Manager                31    37
East          Manager                    14    15
              Non Manager               342   412
Noth          Manager                     5     5
              Non Manager               457   550
Center        Non Manager                44    53

I wanted to create a stacked bar chart where in the x-axis I have the Professional Category (one bar for Manager and one separete bar for Non Manager) and in each of those bars the stacked amount of Male and Female. But I would need to repeat this same stacked bar graph for each of the regions: South, West, East, Noth, Center.

What would be the most elegant wat to display this information in matplotlib/seaborn?

Thank you so much in advance!

IIUC, try:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

fig, ax = plt.subplots(1, 5, figsize=(20, 8))
iax = iter(ax.flatten())
for n, g in df.groupby('Business Unit'):
    g.loc[n, :], title=f'{n}', stacked=True)

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