power converter

Power Converter is an online tool that converts units of power from one unit to another.

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What is a Power Converter?

For using the tool you have to:-

  • Input your measurement.
  • Select the unit of the input.
  • Select the unit of the output you want the measurement to convert to.
  • Check the output.

What is Power?

In physical science, power is the measure of energy move or change over per unit of time. In the International System of Units, the unit of force is the watt, equivalent to one joule for every second. Among more season works, power is at times call activity. Power is a scalar amount.

The yield force of an engine is the result of the force that the engine creates and the precise speed of its yield shaft. The intention force of a stream impell vehicle is the result of the motor push and the speed of the vehicle. Note that by this definition, a moving vehicle floating at fixed rise over a gravitational body.

Where the upward push precisely drops the descending increasing speed of gravity, the thought process power is zero. The rate at which a light proselyte’s electrical energy into light and warmth is estimate in watts. Watts is the electrical energy utilized per unit of time.


Power converter

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