Python-Docx-Template PackageNotFoundError

Solution for Python-Docx-Template PackageNotFoundError
is Given Below:

I want to convert tkinter app to executable by cx_freeze or PyInstaller [TRIED BOTH].. And my app depends on python-docx and python-docx-template as well.. but when I click on button all process occurs correctly but wps (using linux) does not open .docx file with error. I can share code which is more than 4 files and main file is upto 600 lines and depends on other files.

  1. — Contain Main menu which user has to input entries then click on a button Submit
  2. — Submit button refers to a function file named which contains my Template file (Python-Docx-Template) which has to populate entries by user input
  3. When clicked on button following error happened.

docx.opc.exceptions.PackageNotFoundError: Package not found at '/home/badshah/Work/Tkinter/GSK-Project/build/exe.linux-x86_64-3.8/templates/include/Doc0.docx'

I have tried to find the path, abspath, relpath and many stackoverflow, discord helps. I can share each try by demand if someone really understands my situation.

I am stuck from 4 days.