Reduce X-axis domain to properly display data in Grafana

In doing some work with Grafana and InfluxDB I’ve encountered a plotting issue.

I have an influx query that filters data from a given timerange, and in this instance the values found are pretty much in the middle of the initial time range.
Given that the time range is a couple of days long and the found data only spans 20 seconds, the resulting graph has all the data point compressed in the middle of the x-axis, making it impossible to distinguish the data points by eye.

This happens because the x-axis is based on the initial time range, but I would like the final x-axis to be based on the found data points time stamps, is this possible?

I cannot make the inital time range shorter because it is needed for other queries.

Please see attached images.


Result of query, you can also see the initial time range in the upper right corner

Resulting graph

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