Retrieving the text of the selected in element

In the following:

<select id="test">
    <option value="1">Test One</option>
    <option value="2">Test Two</option>

How can I get the text of the selected option (i.e. “Test One” or “Test Two”) using JavaScript

document.getElementsById('test').selectedValue returns 1 or 2, what property returns the text of the selected option?

function getSelectedText(elementId) {
    var elt = document.getElementById(elementId);

    if (elt.selectedIndex == -1)
        return null;

    return elt.options[elt.selectedIndex].text;

var text = getSelectedText('test');

If you use jQuery then you can write the following code:

$("#selectId option:selected").html();


Under HTML5 you are be able to do this:


MDN’s documentation at indicates full cross-browser support (as of at least December 2017), including Chrome, Firefox, Edge and mobile browsers, but excluding Internet Explorer.



The options property contains all the <options> – from there you can look at .text

document.getElementById('test').options[0].text == 'Text One'

You can use selectedIndex to retrieve the current selected option:

el = document.getElementById('elemId')
selectedText = el.options[el.selectedIndex].text


If you found this thread and wanted to know how to get the selected option text via event here is sample code:


Use the select list object, to identify its own selected options index.
From there – grab the inner HTML of that index.
And now you have the text string of that option.

<select onchange="alert(this.options[this.selectedIndex].innerHTML);">
       <option value="">Select Actions</option>
       <option value="1">Print PDF</option>
       <option value="2">Send Message</option>
       <option value="3">Request Review</option>
       <option value="4">Other Possible Actions</option>

Similar to @artur just without jQuery, with plain javascript:

// Using @Sean-bright’s “elt” variable

var selection=elt.options[elt.selectedIndex].innerHTML;

Easy, simple way:

const select = document.getElementById('selectID');
const selectedOption = [].find(option => option.selected).text;

The :checked selector can be used with document.querySelector to retrieve the selected option.

let selectedText = document.querySelector('#selectId option:checked').text;
// or
let selectedText = document.querySelector('#selectId').querySelector('option:checked').text;


document.querySelector('button').addEventListener('click', function(e) {
  console.log(document.querySelector('#selectId option:checked').text);
<select id="selectId">
Get selected text

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