S3 bucket cannot find index.html, gives me a 404 error

Solution for S3 bucket cannot find index.html, gives me a 404 error
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I’ve really tried everything. I’ve looked at this

  • Can not access index.html from S3 bucket when it’s in a folder

I’ve looked at the other references and all over the web. I can’t get my index.html to be found by the s3 bucket. I keep getting the error

Code: NoSuchKey
Message: The specified key does not exist.
Key: index.html
RequestId: CM1NRYKF55E1R6WJ
HostId: lJtu4pRC/iIXhAxmwrGTDBX+E8zky0G93mZV+kaB+9/j8U51CrVDIc5sjfqmoHF+KGkmEGI/JeI=

My buckets are named correctly and the index.html file is literally just “index.html”. I don’t have an error.html if that means anything? The website does work when I take the object URL

Do I need to put the CSS and JS into a separate folder and connect the html to them? I’ve tried deleting and re-doing the buckets so many times now it’s a joke.

I hope somebody can help me, this is starting to take the michael.

Thank you, if I haven’t provided enough information I am happy to provide it 🙂

Since you are putting index.html under PERSONAL-WEBSITE “folder”, you can visit your website at http://simonhutch.co.uk.s3-website.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/PERSONAL-WEBSITE/