Saving UTF-8 CSV for Windows and Mac

Solution for Saving UTF-8 CSV for Windows and Mac
is Given Below:

I have a web application that generates a UTF-8 .csv and returns it to the user with the following code.

const createCSV = () => {


  return new Blob(["ufeff" + csvContent], {
            type: "text/csv;charset=utf-8",

I had to add the ufeff BOM in order to get the character to render correctly in Excel

I am using Filesaver.js to trigger the save to the user’s computer

onClick={() => saveAs(createCSV(attributes), "template.csv", {autoBom: true})}

This seems to work fine for Mac users, but when a user on Windows clicks the download button, the download prompt is showing the file type as Unicode Text.

Any ideas why the file is showing up as Unicode Text instead of .csv for Windows users?