Show just row dendrogram from Seaborn ClusterMap

Solution for Show just row dendrogram from Seaborn ClusterMap
is Given Below:

I’m currently creating a ClusterMap using seaborn, via the following simple code:

graph = seaborn.clustermap(df, method='ward', row_colors=row_colors, col_cluster=False, dendrogram_ratio=0.15)

I’d like to show/plot just the dendrogram related to the rows, and not print the entire clustermap matrix. Is there a way to do this? Apparently you can extract the linkage via:

dgram = graph.dendrogram_row.dendrogram
row_linkage = graph.dendrogram_row.linkage

But I’m not sure how to plot just these data. I’m aware that one can use the scipy approach to making dendrograms, but the functionality around creating row_colors doesn’t appear accessible via just matplotlib.