SQL Join queries on related data

Solution for SQL Join queries on related data
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I have data table in SQL Server that looks like the following Data Table

The data table has Columns TranID nvarchar(50), Amt decimal(38,2), IsCancelled bit.
If a transaction is called, the column named IsCancelled has boolean value 0, but when the transaction is called, a duplicate record is inserted with the column IsCancelled set to 1. I need to write a query that will return records only when a row does not have a corresponding cancelled transaction. In my case, only the record with TranID XYZ should appear be returned from the query. The record with TranID ABC should not be returned since it has a corresponding IsCancelled with bollean value 1. I could run a cursor query for records with IsCancelled set to 0 and use it to determine if there is any corrosponding IsCancelled = 1 and then discard the record, but this looping multiple records causes delay. Is there a way I can write a single query to handle this task?

You can join the table to itself like this:

LEFT JOIN MYTABLE cancelled ON (transaction.TranID = cancelled.TranID AND transaction.Amt = cancelled.Amt AND cancelled.isCancelled = 1)
WHERE transaction.isCancelled = 0
AND cancelled.TranID IS NULL

If your it is guaranteed that if your table contains two rows with same TranId it means that it was cancelled, the query can be simplified to

SELECT TranId, Amt, 0 AS isCancelled FROM MYTABLE transaction
HAVING COUNT(isCancelled) = 1

Creating index on TranID is advised for both scenarios