Totals row in Toad resultset? (via UI)

Solution for Totals row in Toad resultset? (via UI)
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In Toad for Oracle 12:

I make various queries on-the-fly to analyze data. For example:

    count(*) as count
group by

enter image description here

In the query resultset, it would be helpful if I could toggle a totals row on/off to quickly analyze the results.

Example: get the grand total of the COUNT column. Or, in other queries, play around with count, max, standard deviation, variance, etc.

It would be the equivalent to the MS Access totals tool (not to be confused with GROUP BY):

enter image description here

Is there an way to do that using the UI in Toad 12?

You can, I believe. I don’t have TOAD 12 any more, but – give it a try:

  • select all cells you’re interested in
  • right-click
  • from the menu, select “Calculate selected cells”
  • check the result
    • note that – if result list contains a lot of columns and you’re calculating the ones far on the right, you’ll have to scroll left to see the result