Upload a file on cloud server using web application not working

Solution for Upload a file on cloud server using web application not working
is Given Below:

we have a web application developed in angular and asp.net MVC. MY application is deployed on cloud server.
What I want to do is provide a facility where user can be able to upload file from its local machine to cloud server.

But the problem which I am facing is when user selects file, browser does not know the path of that file. So I am not able to copy that file on cloud server. Also I tried to read that file content using reader.readAsDataURL(event.target.files[0]) / reader.readAsArrayBuffer(event.target.files[0]);

onSelectFile(event: any) {
const name = event.target.files[0].name; // get file name
const reader = new FileReader();
if (event.target.files && event.target.files[0]) {
  // called once readAs ataURL is completed
  reader.onload = (event: any) => {
     if (event.target.readyState == FileReader.DONE) {
      this.url = event.target.result;
  var path = (window.URL || window.webkitURL).createObjectURL(event.target.files[0]);
 // reader.readAsArrayBuffer(event.target.files[0]);

but still not getting anything related to file.
So how can I copy file from local machine to cloud server.
Thank you in advance.
Any help would be appreaciated.