Using multiple lambda triggers for one SQS

Solution for Using multiple lambda triggers for one SQS
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My goal is to process different events within one queue.

I understand it’s not possible to use multiple triggers for one SQS because they will invoke randomly.

Why can’t I use different queues – I need these events to be processed one after another (so, in a queue). Maybe there’s a way to pause one queue if the other is running, but I didn’t find a solution.

I can’t use one Lambda function for multiple events because their timeout time differs a lot.

Why can’t I use one “general” lambda with “ifs” that will trigger other corresponding ones? I need events to be fired in a synchronous way.

Also, I was thinking about maybe there’s a way to “reject” the message from one lambda if the event is fired for another one, so SQS will pass the message to the second one. But didn’t find anything about this as well.

Is there some workaround for this?