Vee Validate validation too aggressive

Solution for Vee Validate validation too aggressive
is Given Below:

I have a form where I use vee validate to validate it, the thing is, whenever I click on an input and then click somewhere else the error triggers, how can I make the error only to trigger after something has been typed in?

Form(@submit="handleSubmit" :validation-schema="schema" v-slot="{ errors }")

            Field#email.border-none.text-black.shadow-lg(type="email" as="input" name="email" placeholder="Email" v-model="email")
            span.text-red-500(v-if="") Email too short
const schema = yup.object().shape({
      email: yup.string().required().min(3),
      nick: yup.string().required().min(4),
      password: yup.string().required().min(6),