What is the “correct” way to achieve this postgres + redis data retrieval?

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I have latest versions of postgres and redis being used from a nodejs server app.
The app makes thousands of PG queries to retrieve rows from a table of items, each item has a foreign key pointing to the row id of the user in the users table.
When returning a set of data, I need to get the actual username of the person that owns the item row, for every row. Each set of rows is 50 to 250 ish in count and it’s possible that many of those are owned by the same person (and therefore the same username).

I am wondering which is the “correct” way to handle this.
Option one: I do a join on my PG query, or make another PG query to fetch each username.
Option two: I store the users and their ids in redis and fetch those once PG has returned the set of items.

I am leaning towards the latter, but if that is what I end up doing, there are likely more than one piece of datum I would like to associate to every user and some of which that should expire after some time. So in the end I might be doing half a dozen redisclient.set() per user and the same amount when fetching that data, is that still more efficient than using a join in my PG query?

If something needs elaborating please let me know,
Thanks in advance !