Word Counter

Word counter is an online tool to count the total number of words in a document.

[advanced_iframe src=”/wordcounter.html” width=”100%” height=”700″]

What is Word Counter?

 Word Counter is needed whether when writing an assignment, report, article, essay because everything has a word limit and it is very important to be under the specified word count. Especially in the world of content writing word count is necessary so that your article doesn’t get rejected. Manually counting your number of words can be a hectic process. So, Word Counter is a tool that just not count the total number of words but also total no of character and also let you know about the keyword density. In this, you don’t have to check the word count by putting any command or separately checking the count as we do in doc. Here, all the information is available right parallel to the document. A word is the basic classification of a sentence.

How to use Word Counter?

To use the tool, you just have to input your text or document in the blank space. You can see the total number of characters and words just above the box. Mind it, the number of characters and words are along with the spaces. You can even see the keyword density on the right side of the box as soon as you type the word in the box.


Examples –

INDIA IS A COUNTRY WITH DIVERSIFIED CULTURE- It has a total of 7 words and 43 characters.

SHE LIVES IN KARNATAKA- It has a total of 4 words and 22 characters.

RAMESH IS THE SON OF MR. SURESH- It has a total of 6 words and 26 characters.

SHE HAD SCORED 96% IN HER BOARD EXAMS AND WAS THE SCHOOL AND CITY TOPPER- It has a total of 15 words and 71 characters.

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