xml to yaml

XML to YAML is an online tool that converts extensible Markup Langauge to YAML ain’t markup languae.

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XML to YAML helps in converting XML format to YAML format. You can do so by-

  • By inputting your XML in the input section
  • Also, have a chance to either load URL or browse XML
  • Click on the XML to YAML option
  • Check the output on the output section

What is XML?

XML represents eXtensible Markup Language. It is a markup language, that encodes records incomprehensible, just as machine-discernible structure utilizing labels. It resembles an interface for the trading of information among people and machines or machine and machines.

Where is XML utilized?

Many record designs utilizing XML linguistic structure have been creating. Counting RSS, Atom, SOAP, SVG, and XHTML.

XML-based arrangements have become the default for some office-efficiency instruments, for example, Microsoft (Office Open XML), OpenOffice.org, and LibreOffice (OpenDocument), and so on

XML has additionally given the base language to correspondence conventions, for example, XMPP.

Applications for the Microsoft .NET Framework use XML records for arrangement, and property records are an execution of setup stockpiling based on XML.


YAML full form is YAML ain’t markup language. It is used with an administration that either needs to collect or transfer data. It is generally made of parts and portions of another language.

Features of YAML

    • Delimiter impact shield
      YAML is based on revelation for structure, making it unyielding to delimiter impact. Some languages need escape characters or sequences, filled selection marks, and other workarounds for managing specific characters. YAML is naturally callous to selection marks and bars, making specific characters more relaxed to define, especially in strings.
    • Security
      In and of itself, YAML has no executable instructions. It is simply a data-representation style. However, its combination with other languages provides Perl parsers, for example, which can produce Perl code. PyYAML, a parser, and emitter for Python adds documentation clearly warning against this safety vulnerability and has a cast-in function to guard against serious Python objects known as YAML.safe_load

Example of YAML VS XML

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